" I have had the pleasure of working with Jacquel and Global Hospitality Expert Solutions over the past 3+ months. The hotel was in need of a Director of Catering/Catering Sales Manager. Jacquel was able to provide me with a wonderful candidate, Jennifer Walter-Goodwell. Jennifer arrived at the property and within 1 hour of being here, she was working on detailing events. Jennifer was a delight to have on property and she fit in very well with the team. Jennifer is the type that would fit well with any team. She has a vast knowledge in all aspects of hotel sales as well as systems and programs. Billing was always fast and on time and the communication between Jacquel and I was always on point. Thank you for everything!"

~ Jason Sitte, Complex Director of Sales & Marketing~

"Thank you so much again for such an amazing, thorough training. :) I felt re-energized afterwards, made some amazing relationships and it was so great to learn in a relaxed atmosphere. The topics were spot on and both you and Carita did a wonderful job incorporating viewpoints from both a CVB and hotel perspective. I will be using every bit of information that I learned and spread the word to anyone I know! 

~Aprell King | Sales Manager, Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau~