We provide Task Force for your open positions and Training and Development for your team. Our team is comprised of Sales Management Professionals with a minimum of 10 years of Hotel experience. We have worked for all the major hotel brands, in all market segments, in numerous cities. Our experienced Sales Professionals will provide support in the following open positions: Director of Sales & Marketing, Sales Manager, Director of Catering, Catering Sales Manager and Convention Services Manager.  Global Hospitality Expert Solutions hotel sales training. Global Hospitality Expert Solutions hotel task force. consulting company. management consultant.

Global Hospitality Expert Solutions Hotel Task Force


We all want to be the best among our competition, however sometimes our busy schedules does not allow  the opportunity to spend time to develop and execute effective strategies to drive the desired results. Our consulting service is personalized to meet the needs of your hotel.


Our expert team will work with you to evaluate your market positioning, determine your business needs, identify new business opportunities and  help you develop strategies aimed at giving your hotel the best opportunity to win over your competition.

We provide a wide range of services from developing targeted SMART plans to ensuring your hotel profile and promotions on Third Party sites such as Cvent, Hotel Planner & Tour Connections is fully maximized to drive the best results.

Turnover is inevitable in Hotel Sales Positions. These vacancies slow down the momentum of the Sales Team and significantly affect revenue performance and profitability. We provide long and short term Task Force Solutions.  Our Sales Experts will hit the ground running with strong proactive efforts that will drive revenues in the desired market segments.

Opening a new Hotel is an exciting time! Our Sales Management Experts have experienced this so we share your enthusiasm. We also know it can be overwhelming with so many tasks including PIPs to accomplish to get the hotel up and running. Of critical importance is the need to have your hotel open at the highest level of occupancy so a strong momentum is established. There is typically a window between ongoing construction and hiring your full Sales Team. Our expert team has Hotel Pre-Opening experience and is ready to help you fill that gap. We are available to assist in a General Manager and Director of Sales & Marketing capacity, providing support in developing a Business Plan, developing the hotel’s budget and SMART plans and managing the sales process to achieve budgeted goals. Our Sales Experts will embark on an aggressive sales effort in your open Sales Manager positions and secure business for your hotel.

This can be a tumultuous time, sometimes with a high turnover in your higher level management positions including Sales. It  can be costly to the relationship with the external and internal client which leads to lost revenue. Our Sales Experts will help to make this a smoother transition by continuing the momentum of securing business and most importantly maintaining the Hotel’s strong relationship with existing clients and sharing the exciting news about the upcoming conversion.


We will provide strong, impactful support to properties whose overhead does not allow them to have a full Sales Team on property. Our Sales Experts will book business in the desired markets a well as work with the Sales Team to drive ADR and the desired mix of group business.



Our training is customized to suit the needs of our clients and our core sales fundamentals can be applied to all sales industries. We offer sales training for entry level and experience Sales Managers & Directors of Sales.  


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